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Finally, University grade speed reading training course is available to the public.  If you were ever skeptical about the value of speed reading read on…

Speed Reading.

In the information age we are al buried in reading.  Whether you are in college, in business, reading for leisure, or just try in got keep up with the times, you likely have mounds of reading to catch up. Imagine if you could double, triple, or even quadruple current reading speed.

  • I am not talking about reading faster and comprehending nothing.
  • I am not talking about some magical new age reading technique.
  • I am not talking about taking the fun out of reading.

[value statement in bold]

I am talking about learning a real scientific skill that allow you to stop reading letter by letter, or word by word, but to start learning to take in many words or even many sentences at one time. That means reading 4 times more than you are able to read now in the same amount of time, and with better comprehension.

Science has shown that:

  • Slow reading decreases comprehension.
  • Slow reading tires your eyes.
  • Slow reading is a learned habit that can be reversed with proper training.

Speed reading is now longer the magical skill it was once perceived to be.


There is more than enough documented evidence of increased speed reading speeds accompanied by increased comprehension. Speed reading was learned naturally and discovered by avid literacy proponents such as Evelyn Wood.  The science of teaching and learning speed reading since that discovery has been honed and improved upon ever since.

Prominent Americans such as “” are openly known to have a habit of reading a book a day before breakfast.  Can you imagine the value of reading a book a day?  Within a matter of months you could surely become an expert in your chosen field.

The good news is that there is a solution to the information overload.

If you don’t believe speed reading is possible please watch this video.

Here’s how it works:

VI DEO – Basic Speed Reading Principles.

As a student I saw the immense value and time saving abilities of learning to speed read.  On my pursuit of a correct program I rant into everything from unbelievable promises to claims of an occult level.  Knowing that the real value of speed reading was worth far more money that any of these programs would ever cost me, I bought them, and tested them.  When they didn’t work or failed to deliver on their promises function I returned them.  I was beginning to become disillusioned and ready to believe that there was no consistent and effective system to teach that average joe (or Jacob in my case) to speed read.  I would soon realize that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Here is why speed reading is far from mystical:

In order to get a greater faith in your ability to learn how to speed read you must understand how one can improve their speed reading, which will lead us directly to what the correct training methods for such an undertaking are.

  1. You must learn to read more than one word at a time.

It is a fact that your eyes are able to see more than one word at a time.  In fact eye movements and peripheral vision allow the average reader to see an entire line in the same amount of time it typically take to see one word.

The problem is that we learned to read by reading one letter at a time, and then making words.

After consistent practice kids learn to take letters and make sounds.  Then they take the sounds and create individuals words.  Most people don’t go beyond that point.  Imagine if at a very young age reading word by word was only the first step to reading 4 words at a time.  How accelerated would the learning of our children become?

  1. Sub-vocalization limits our reading speed.

The average person speaks at a normal rate of 250 words per minute.  The average reader “hears” the word that he reads in his head.  If you are hearing what you read in your head, than you are necessarily not reading faster than your rate of speech.  In order to become a speed reader you MUST learn to diminish sub vocalization of your reading material.

  1. Retraining your eyes.

Here is what happens when an average reader reads.

This is what happens when someone is speed reading.

[eye pictures]

You can test this yourself with a friend.  Record your eyes or simply watch their eyes if they read.  There is a very simple and specific trick to that will teach your eyes how to correctly move over text in order to properly learn speed reading.

Let’s get real for a second.  Speed reading is a skill.  It must be learned by your muscles, and by your mind. In the same way you learned to read letter by letter or word by word, and to sound out the word in your mind, you must also train to learn the better way to read.  If you are really dedicated to learning speed reading you must understand and accept that speed reading will not be learned overnight, just as learning to read word by word was not learned overnight..  The programs that tell you that you will learn it over night or in one week are wasting your time, and distracting you from working on a real solution.  In search of a quick fix or miracle cure for speed reading, people are giving the real science a bad name, and failing before they even start.  Don’t let that be you.

Becoming a speed reader will make you capable of learning and taking in information faster than 99% of the entire world.

The real key to speed reading is

1st. Understanding the true scientific principles behind how to effectively speed read.

2nd Consistent and effective implementation of proper practice reading.

Our software is the simplest and most effective solution for learning how to speed read.  Within minutes you will understand exactly how to properly train, and have everything you need to reach book-a-day speeds.  I am so sure you will be satisfied by our product that if you are not satisfied I will give you an unconditional refund.  If you purchase the software and at anytime you are unsatisfied or even unconvinced that you will get results, you can refund and I will gladly refund your money.  Here’s what you receive with the software.

  1. The real speed reading training software and manual.
  2. A complete customized double your speed reading training plan.
  3. A personal speed reading coach to ensure that your questions are answered and that you meet your goals.

Here’s my guarantee.

If you do not at least double your reading speed in 30 days I will give you a complete refund.

Further if you do not at least triple your reading speed in 90 days I will offer you that same discount.

You will be on the road to learning more and faster than you ever have before.  You will be able to quickly become an expert in your chosen fields.  You will no longer be overwhelmed by the enormous load of literature that I hanging over your head.


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